Our Approach

Starting from ground zero .

Every project is unique, but begins with the same step every time : Us obsessing over everything there is to know about you. With a desire to know the most intricate details you can offer, we leave no stone unturned. Where you started. What you aim for. What you value. Who your customers are . Why should they care about you. We believe a problem can be solved by understanding every perspective there exists. And luckily, we’ve got a process as good as our voracious curiosity to do just that.

Let's get started ! .

Developer Project Owner (you) Specialist Project Manager Designer

One word : Collaboration. For every project , we learn everything there is to know about you , define the project in collaboration , Initialize goals for the time to come, and decide metrics for progress.

Getting to know you

Collaboration comes first.

Open Communication

Trust builds relationships. You’ll always know exactly where things are and where they’re headed , during every stage of the project.

Personalized Attention

Every project is assigned a dedicated project manager to keep things on target and ensure that you know what is going on.

Partners from the start.

Collaborations create marvels . Your participation is crucial throughout the process. We rely on your expertise and opinions to decipher your business and challenges. It’s all powered by partnership.

“Their collaborative process, creative direction, and eye for marketing surpassed any expectations we could have had. ”

The best of the three worlds

Creativity . Analysis . Technology .

Communication & Content Audit

What do you have to say? How are you saying it?

Competitive Analysis

Who is your competition ? What are their strengths? How do you stand out?

User Testing

Who is your audience ? How do they understand you ? How do we validate decisions?

Understanding is power

We believe we can generate the best for you only when we put ourselves in your shoes. We immerse ourselves in your field , learning through observation, research and analysis. When we have to solve problems, we’re just as rigorous, testing solutions against real life scenarios.

“CrazyHeads helped us refine our brand and build a cleanly designed, wonderful website that customers love.”

Project Retrospective Extended Check-ins Research Execution Design Daily Check-ins Project Kickoff

An Adaptive Approach

Process Built for Progress

Facing roadblocks

We predict and avoid potential challenges by coming up with smart workarounds all along the process .

Continuous Iteration

They say the greatest works of art are still incomplete, and we couldn't agree more.

The End is the Beginning

We're never really done supporting your dreams .We're always there for you .

progress based process

Every project presents its own objective , viewership , and opportunities. We use a time tested methodology that addresses every concern that you might have. We stay in touch with you during every stage to ensure collaboration. The project might end soon, but we sure don't want to end things there. We’ll be around to answer any questions that you might have , any ideas you want to share , or simply a cup of coffee .

A creative collaborative effort

Creativity. Analysis. Technology.


Web & Application Design / Development

Form and function, forever. Crazyheads has always advocated and been passionate about a collaboration between design and technology, and it is that passion that defines us today. We believe that sweet spot that is an amazing experience comes from a pot-pourri of smart design thinking and innovative use of technology. But then, we let our work speak. So there's that.

Brand Strategy

Branding & Identity / Strategy

Your brand is something you've nurtured, something you've grown. We know that seeing your brand come to life is one of the biggest joys one can experience. It’s the defining factor that makes you , well , you. Regardless of organization size, we help businesses understand what the magic in their business is , and paint that picture of magic for the entire world to see .

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