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  • “We loved working with Crazyheads. We had a deadline to meet in 4 days, getting the entire video done with the concept, voicing and animations seemed to be impossible but CrazyHeads made it happen. They also accommodated all our edit requests and were prompt at every stage.”

    Sourabh Deorah. CEO, Work Advantage.
  • “Whether you want to create a new website for your business or redesigning your current site, you can’t go wrong if you choose CrazyHeads to do the job. Creativity at its best ! Good job.”

    Mr Tara Prasad, President, Safe Roads Foundation
  • “Working with CrazyHeads knowledgeable, innovative, and creative team working on web designing vizag made the process easy, enjoyable, and seamless. If problems do arise, they pounce on and solve them. They are definitely one of the best.”

    Vishal Nahata, Andhra Refrigeration Company
  • “I know the founder of CrazyHead personally & I have seen the team work, designs, & way of functioning of their company.They are one of the best web development & design firm and have a modern, young approach to work. Working with them is the only way to know how hard working, dedicated & "skilled" they are in their work, keep it up guys!”

    Gaurav Jaggi,
  • “I don't call it a startup any more. This has been growing like crazy and one of the best designing team I had ever seen. The level of enthusiasm and customer-centric approach this team shows makes you feel proud to be associated with them."You have miles to go before you sleep"Keep going and the world of internet is yours.”

    Venkatesh Dunna, IIM A Event Lead
  • “No Bullshit !!! Kickass & Quality Work!!! Beyond Expectations!! All the best!!!”

    Ishan Padgotra, Fareye.

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